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Welcome to the Sarpy County Register of Deeds “GRANTOR & GRANTEE” Books
web page. This is our “historical” records section (1857-1990). The information found
in this section is not only important for title searching, but is also of great interest to
individuals who are doing genealogy or interested in those who sold and bought property
in Sarpy County. These records were developed before we computerized our office on
November 1, 1990. Records from this date forward can be accessed on the Register of Deeds Site.

Getting started:
Who is a Grantor and/or Grantee?
A GRANTOR is one who transfers, sells or conveys title to real estate.
A GRANTEE is one who receives title to real estate.

What do I need to view these images?
You will need the Adobe PDF Reader from www.adobe.com

How do I view the images?
1. Click the + beside either Grantor or Grantee.
2. Click the + beside your desired year range.
3. Click the + beside a letter.
4. Click on a PAGE entry to see the image.

The information from the following pages will show you an alphabetical listing of the
GRANTORS or GRANTEES depending which book you select. The information will
show who sold or bought property, when the document was recorded and signed, the
legal description of the property involved and the book and page number of the document.

You can not retrieve images of the documents on the website; however the indexing will
show a Book & Page number or an Instrument Number. With this information you can visit
our office, write or call and we can provide you a photo copy (50 cents per page)
of the document.There is an additional $5 per document handling charge for us to pull,
make the copy and mail to you. I hope you enjoy this site,

if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Sarpy County Register of Deeds