Real Estate and/or Personal Property Tax Payments

Online Credit Card Tax and E-Check Payments

The Sarpy County Treasurer’s office is pleased to announce that taxpayers have the ability to pay their Real Estate and/or Personal Property taxes (Not Motor Vehicle Tax) online.

This service allows you to pay your taxes in a single transaction using a credit card or electronic check. This service is provided by a third party working in partnership with the State of Nebraska. The price of item purchased through this service includes funds to develop, maintain and enhance the state’s official web portal,

You will be able to pay one half or all of the current year’s tax very easily. If you have multiple years taxes or a tax sale on the property to redeem, you must first call the treasurer’s office for a quote and to receive an authorization PIN number. Our phone number is (402) 593-2143. Nebraska Statutes have changed and counties are no longer required to mail tax payment receipts. Upon successful completion of you payment, you will receive (via email) a Payment Receipt from When our office receives your payment (approximately 5 days later) we will process your taxes and you will then be able to print your Treasurer's Tax Receipt online. Keep this delay in mind prior to attempting a second payment.

Please verify your mailing address on your receipt if you have moved and still own the property. If it is incorrect please provide correct information to us so your record can be updated.  If you are unsure of your tax, use the property search to find your parcel. To view and print your actual receipt in five days, go to the Sarpy County Property Search, type in your 9 digit parcel number, select details, and select the tax year you paid at the bottom of the page. Your receipt will be available for printing or viewing. If you have redeemed a tax sale, you will receive a redemption receipt in the mail.

For insufficient funds, your eCheck would be returned as non-payable and you will incur an additional $25 NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee when you make this check good. Until that time your taxes will remain unpaid.
Enter your 9 digit Parcel ID or 8 character payment PIN. Scroll down to see your payment options after pressing ENTER.